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by admin on October 6, 2010

How to Find a Job at UK McDonalds

If you are interested in starting a career with this famed, fast food chain, it is simple to find additional information on how to get started through a quick visit to their website. On the site, the ability to explore current career opportunities is somewhat limited but the ability to apply to the company is very easy. Based on your CV and expressed interest, HR will match you with the positions that best fit your needs.

Keep in mind, McDonalds is a very hands-on corporation. Sitting at a desk five days a week is not necessarily in their plan book. Even if your education and experience puts you beyond working behind a counter flipping burgers, odds are good you will spend some time there anyway in an effort to familiarize you with the aspects that build the very foundation for this billion dollar corporation.


McDonalds Job Vacancies

by admin on September 10, 2010

Burgers, french fries and milkshakes are some of the products McDonalds produces. As one of the most recognized brands globally, McDonalds represents something more than food. It represents achievement and opportunity. So, if you are considering a career with this huge global franchise, it is possible to have your burger and eat it to.

Company Overview

McDonalds was founded as a corporation in 1955, fifteen years after its original concept was developed. This company is headquartered in the United States, in Oakbrook, IL and boasts over 30,000 locations worldwide. Specializing in fast food, McDonalds bring in upwards of $22 billion per year.

A chain system, each McDonalds restaurant is opened as a franchise. A percentage of the money made at each franchise is then sent to corporate, as it owns the rights to the franchise. Corporate makes money on royalties, fees and even rent. This set-up makes it incredibly lucrative for corporate but the brand name of McDonalds offers equal strength for franchise owners.


The opportunity to work for McDonalds comes in many forms. Positions are available at a very basic level, requiring little to no education or positions can be found at higher levels, such as management.

The company works to attract employees at a very young age. They have a program that allows 14-19 year olds to try on employment at McDonalds for 10 days. This easy, breezy situation is an excellent way for the young worker to determine whether the philosophy and lifestyle at the company is something worth pursuing.

Education is always helpful but McDonalds often promotes from within. This means that a person starting a career as a team member could advance to business manager within a few short years. Once a business manager, the opportunity to take on more responsibility at higher levels in the corporation is possible.

As McDonalds is a global organization, diversity is appreciated.

The Benefit of Working for McDonalds

According to the McDonalds UK website, working at McDonalds in a basic role includes benefits such as:

  • 28 days paid holiday per annum
  • Free private health care after three years
  • Stakeholder pension scheme run by Threadneedle

According to the McDonalds UK website, while working in a management role, the following benefits are possible to obtain:

  • A paid 8 week sabbatical for each decade working for the company
  • 6 weeks holiday per annum
  • Company car or cash alternative after 6 months as a business manager

As you can see, McDonalds takes care of its employees with a healthy blend of financial motivation and time off. The corporation is a firm believer in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, so that leaves room for friends, family and other interests in addition to strong achievement as an employee.